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Industry Service Solutions

Provex, Inc. has developed a service for select industries, applying not only to logistics, but also to the marketplace in the following sectors:

Aerospace and Aviation

We provide efficient flow of materials and services from Provex Logistics. We also offer access to the internal activities related to resources and materials management. We offer availability of resources at the right time for handling of AOG shipments, urgent COMATS and regular shipments 24/7, 365 days a year. Other services include: tracking of orders, subassemblies, components, spare parts of aircraft or other supplies to maintain efficiency of the fleet.


Global automotive markets face daily challenges. Automotive companies are in demand, and constantly on the search for a competitive advantage. Provex offers the experience, processes, and services to simplify the most complex and extended supply chains.


Whether you are in the chemicals, pharma, or life sciences industry, your challenges are the same. We help you manage complex operations and global supply chains. Keeping up with product innovation, and staying ahead of constantly changing regulations, Provex is your logistic solution.


Provex provides innovative consumer and retail supply chain solutions to our clients. Our advantageous supply chain solutions can help your company penetrate markets faster and deliver your products to end-customers at the right place and time.


Provex has experience in garment-on-hanger freight management to make sure that your trend-setting apparel arrives at the desired destination looking its best via the right mode of shipment.

Engineering and Manufacturing

The Engineering and Manufacturing industry is a demanding field, and your time deserves to be spent on what you do best: design, engineer, and manufacture products the world depends on. As a partner, your goods will be delivered as safely, efficiently, and punctually.


Your organization must be able to rapidly deploy new technology. Provex can provide the supply chain to expedite your time to market and decrease costs.